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| Classification= [[Class M]]
| Classification= [[Class M]]
| Affiliation = independent
| Affiliation = independent
| Location = [[The Triangle]]
| Location = [[Akers]], [[The Triangle]]
| Moons =
| Moons =
| Species =
| Species =

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Akers IV was a class M planet located in the Akers star system in a region of space know as The Triangle. It found itself very close to the Romulan sphere of influence at the edge of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. (FASA RPG module: The Triangle)


The ruling body on Akers VI was an elected Akeride, elections would take place every three years. Among the elected Akerides one would be elected to the rank of Master Akeride, acting as the voice and representative to the population. (FASA RPG module: The Triangle)

Trading and resource

The people of Akers VI would trade with there close neighbors the Romulans but they seemed to rather deal with Rem Fry traders instead, even if Freeman's Port was a closer trading point.

Akers was the only know source of Flower Crystals in the galaxy. It was grown from a mutated flowering plant that grew abundantly on the surface. Even if the actual plant was grown on other planets, it did not produce the crystals. It was widely theorized that the planets high radioactive content to have at least some part in the crystals origin.

For this reason the mining of the surface was forbidden, forcing for all minerals resources to be imported. The expanse on import would be balanced by the fact that they did not import any nutrients with abundant crops generating enough to feed the entire heavily populated world. (FASA RPG module: The Triangle)


The Triangle
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