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Akira Hirota was a 23rd century Human male. By the late 2250s, Hirota was a command division commander serving in Starfleet, assigned as first officer aboard the USS Constitution.

In 2257, Hirota joined the Constitution's senior staff in a small gathering in the ship's lounge as they welcomed aboard new helmsman and second officer, James T. Kirk.

A few days later, Hirota was passing one of the Constitution's recreation rooms when he witnessed an altercation between Kirk and the ship's chief of security, Jack Gaynor, after an accidental collision between the two led to a tray of food being deposited on Gaynor's uniform. After Gaynor threw the tray in the refuse aperture of the food slot and stormed out of the rec room, Hirota called him back and chastised him for his lack of showing proper respect for Kirk, and ordering him to pick his tray up and clean the area properly.

Hirota was later on duty on the bridge during the Constitution's encounter with a Klingon D7-class battle cruiser in an unnamed star system near the Klingon Neutral Zone, in which their preparations to engage the battle cruiser was hastily called off following a direct order from Admiral Ellen Mangione.

Shortly after this, Hirota was once again on duty when the Constitution arrived in orbit of Sordinia IV to investigate six alien satellites, after Starfleet had received a distress call from the planet's leader, Prime Vodis Vodanis. Establishing direct contact with Vodanis, the Constitution crew learned that the Sordinians were in a state of panic about the satellites because of the civilization's past experience with alien cultures prior to their joining the Federation. Realizing the precarious situation, Hirota suggested that both he and Captain Augenthaler beam down to help Vodanis smooth his people's worries. Shortly after arriving in the capital city, it came under attack by the satellites, and Hirota and Augenthaler were cut off from the Constitution as the constant weapon's fire had created subspace interference.

After the Constitution, under Kirk's command, had finally managed to take down the satellites and their controlling mothership, contact was re-established and Hirota learned from Augenthaler that Chief Engineer Anita Jankowski had died during a boarding mission aboard one of the satellites. Hirota had developed strong romantic feelings for Jankowski. While the relationship was known to the ship's senior staff, the two officers had not acted upon the attraction. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Constitution)

Hirota remained aboard the Constitution for some time after Lieutenant Kirk had departed from the ship. (TOS - My Brother's Keeper novel: Enterprise)


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