Akuta was the leader of the race that inhabited the planet Gamma Trianguli VI.


As leader of his people, he wore antennae so he could hear commands from Vaal, their god. Vaal felt that the USS Enterprise's landing party was a threat and instructed Akuta to kill them. Among his people, Akuta was known as "the eyes of Vaal." (TOS episode: "The Apple")

Following his people discovering everyday ways of life, Akuta started a small group who continued to believe in Vaal. For twenty years Akuta and his group survived against Makora and his people. In 2286, he assisted USS Enterprise-A officer, Ensign Konom in rescuing Bryce and Captain Kirk's landing party. (TOS - The Return of the Serpent comics: "Paradise Lost!", "Past Perfect", "Devil Down Below!")

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