Worf and an Al'Hmatti, on the cover of "Diplomatic Implausibility"

The al'Hmatti were a race of sentient beings native to the planet they called al'Hmat, and which the Klingon Empire named taD. They evolved from an ursine (bear-like) lifeform, and were covered with light colored fur, ranging from yellow to white to gray, which covered black skin underneath. They preferred to move on all four legs, but could also stand erect on two, which gave them a significant height advantage over the typical Klingon.

Politics and culture[edit | edit source]

Prior to the Klingon occupation, the al'Hmatti were ruled by a succession of female emperors, who took the name "me'Grmat" in honor of the first me'Grmat. me'Grmat VI reigned when al'Hmat was annexed by the Klingon Empire, and was revered in years to follow as a great warrior. Subsequent emperors were selected by the Klingon governor, and stripped of political power, though they retained their role as spiritual leaders. Under Klingon rule, the al'Hmatti were jeghpu'wI'

In the 24th century, al'Hamtti resistance to Klingon rule increased, with rebels enlisting the help of off-worlders, including the Federation and the Kreel, for help. Eventually, in 2376, the Klingon Empire quietly shifted control of the planet to the native al'Hmatti, overseen by a Klingon emperor, Vall, who was to serve only a ceremonial function in the government. (TNG novel: Diplomatic Implausibility)

Known individuals[edit | edit source]

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