Alan was a male Human who was a member and staunch supporter of the Anti-Federation League in the 23rd century. In 2267, Alan and five other members acquired the Marquis-class yacht, SS Harmony, on a mission across the Klingon Neutral Zone to establish diplomatic and peaceful with the Klingon Empire.

Shortly after crossing into Klingon territory, the unnarmed Harmony was attacked by the IKS B'Ardaq, a cargo vessel. The Harmony was soon overwhelmed and Alan and the other Humans were taken prisoner. While being held captive aboard the B'Ardaq, Alan attempted to communicate with the Klingons, but the result that both his arms were broken by a guard.

Eventually, Alan and three others were rescued alive by Lieutenant Michael Fuller and a security team from the USS Enterprise, and Alan's broken arms were treated by the Enterprise's medical staff. Despite the great efforts that Starfleet officers had undergone to rescue him, Alan proceeded to label Fuller and the other security officers as murderers, and was punched in the face by Ensign Parmet for airing his views in sickbay.

Several similar incidents occured during the Enterprise's mission to 7348-II, and Captain James T. Kirk ordered that Alan be confined to his quarters and placed under guard, although Dr. McCoy wanted him placed in the brig. (TOS novel: Demands of Honor)

No surname was given for Alan.
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