Alan Dean Foster, born 18 November 1946, is a writer and novelist of science fiction and fantasy works.

He was the writer of all ten of the Star Trek Log books, novelizations of all the Star Trek: The Animated Series episodes originally published by Ballantine Books in the 1970s. In 2006 he wrote new introductions for reprints published by Del Rey Books (an imprint of Ballantine). He was also the writer of the story that became the screenplay for Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

In 2009, Foster wrote the novelization of Star Trek, the eleventh Star Trek film. He is also under contract to write a sequel, tentatively titled Star Trek: Refugees, which would be the first novel written in the new continuity established by the film.

Outside of Star Trek franchise, Foster has written many other tie-ins and original fiction, most notably for the Star Wars franchise.

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