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Albert Giolitti self-portrait.

Alberto Giolitti (1923-1993) was a comic book artist. He illustrated Star Trek: The Original Series comics for Gold Key Comics and was the longest running of its three artists. He drew 33 issues, three of which were reprinted during the series’ run.


Giolitti was born in Rome, Italy. After World War II, Giolitti went on the road, living in numerous cities around the world, including Buenos Aires, New York City, and Lake George, Florida. Giolitti mastered the English language in his travels, after a period of culture shock when he visited New York's "Little Italy" neighborhood and was unable to understand the Americanized Italian language spoken there.

His creative process involved taking photographic references for each pose needed in a story, sometimes as many as 100 photos, using friends, acquaintances and often himself. He also kept shelves full of reference material and a prop room containing items like guns, shields, and spears. (The Enterprise Logs, Volume 1)

He brought in artist Angelo Todaro to help with drawing the USS Enterprise. (Autobiography of Angelo Todaro) Other assistants included José Delbo, Giovanni Ticci and Sal Trapani.

Biographies of the artist were printed in the omnibus publications The Enterprise Logs, Volume 1 and Gold Key Archives, Volume 3.

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