The Albino (also known as Qagh) was a criminal who came to be the nemesis of Curzon Dax, Kor, Koloth and Kang when he killed the firstborn of the three Klingons.

History[edit | edit source]

He was a member of the noble House of Ngoj. His sickly appearance meant that he was considered impure; Do'Yoj was to put him to death, under the orders of the child's mother Lady Moj'ih, the aunt of Kor. Qagh was rescued by Orion pirates D'Jinnea and Ganik who exploited his knowledge and abilities in hopes of blackmailing the House of Ngoj for their wealth and influence on the Klingon High Council. The pirates named him Qagh ("mistake").

Up until 2248, Qagh and the Orions attacked outposts and sold captives into slavery. After 2248, the Albino (who murdered both D'Jinnea and Ganik) began leading attacks on outposts to recover biological research data. During one such raid on Ganjitsu, the Albino's efforts were prevented by Hikaru Sulu disabling power to the laboratory. In retaliation the Albino destroyed the facility after returning to The Jade Lady.

In 2289, he was involved in a terrorist attack upon the Federation/Klingon peace talks on the Klingon colony Korvat and was directly responsible for the destruction of the IKS Mev'Luh. According to a DNA scan by Doctor Christine Chapel obtained at Korvat, the Albino suffered from anemia, cancer, circulatory problems, diabetes, neurological problems, and pulmonary disease. The Albino and his band were almost captured by three Klingon warships commanded by commanders Kang, Koloth and Kor in 2290. However he was able to escape the Klingons. As part of his revenge on the 3 klingon commanders, the Albino gave each of their firstborns a genetic virus that killed all of them. The Albino was then hunted by the three Klingons and Federation Ambassador Curzon Dax till he and his informants eluded them at Galdonterre. The Albino then settled on Secarus IV in 2345. (ST novel: Excelsior: Forged in Fire; ST reference: The Star Trek Encyclopedia)

After years of searching for the Albino, Kang finally tracked him down to a heavily fortified compound on Secarus IV in 2370. After re-uniting with Koloth, Kor, and the new Dax host, Jadzia, the group finally extracted their revenge against Qagh, with Kang administering the death blow. Both Kang and Koloth died from wounds suffered in the battle. (DS9 episode: "Blood Oath")

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