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Alden McWilliams (1916-1993) was a comic book artist who began illustrating in the 1940s. He drew 22 issues of Gold Key's Star Trek: The Original Series comic.

McWilliams frequently worked on the same Gold Key Comics titles as Frank Bolle, who drew the covers to issues 60 and 61. He and Bolle contributed to the same issues of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Mystery Comics Digest and Twilight Zone. They rotated as artists on Buck Rogers and joined José Delbo in adapting the Buck Rogers film. For Whitman’s four-issue 1976 Starstream anthology he contributed along with Bolle, Delbo, Arnold Drake, Alberto Giolitti, George Kashdan, Allan Moniz and Nevio Zeccara to adapt stories by Robert Bloch, Larry Niven, and Isaac Asimov.

A character referenced in The Enterprise Logs, Volume 1, Commander Alden McWilliams, was named for him.

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