Alexander's bird-of-prey was a Klingon starship, a K'vort-class bird-of-prey in Augment faction service in the 2370s decade. The vessel was under the command of the genetically enhanced Klingon-Human warrior Alexander Rozhenko. (ST video game: Star Trek Timelines mission: "Episode 1")


When the temporal anomaly crisis engulfed the galaxy in 2379, a version of Alexander Rozhenko sided with Wrathful Khan's Augment faction at Regula against the Klingon Empire. After receiving genetic modifications, Rozhenko engaged Klingon and Federation assets, against the wishes of versions of his father, Worf. A Starfleet vessel apprehended Alexander's K'vort-class bird-of-prey and defeated it. Rozhenko was captured by the same Starfleet crew soon after. (ST video game: Star Trek Timelines "Episode 1" mission: "His Own Man")

Crew manifestEdit

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