Alexander lazarus

Alexander Lazarus.

Alexander Lazarus was a 23rd century human scientist and historian, who left Earth after being ridiculed by the scientific community. He settled on Gamma Alpha V, bringing with him recordings of the consciousnesses of important figures in human history. He imprinted the recordings onto androids which he had built, in effect bringing them back to life; they proceeded to build a new city for themselves. After many years of studying history by listening to their conversations, he became bored and sought to learn of Vulcan history by downloading a Vulcan's brain. When the USS Enterprise visited the planet, Lazarus kidnapped Commander Spock and intended to use him in this manner. However, defending himself, Spock accidentally pushed Lazarus into the machine, causing him to become brain drained. His body was then destroyed when the planet exploded soon after. (TOS comic: "The Legacy of Lazarus")

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