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Alidar Jarok was a male Romulan who served in the military of the Romulan Star Empire.


He was infamous for leading Romulan forces in the Norkan Campaign sometime prior to the 2360s.

In 2360, Jarok and his long-time friend, Tal, visited a jewelers in order to find a naming day gift. While looking for the gift, the two officers spoke about the futility of war and a hope for peace. These words were heard by a young spy named Zetha, who was apprenticing at the jewelers at the arrangement of her "Lord", because military officers often frequented the shop. Despite the content of Jarok's conversation, Zetha didn't report it to the "Lord". (TLE novel: Catalyst of Sorrows)

Following the Romulans' emergence from isolation in 2364, Professor Sonek Pran wrote a monograph on Admiral Jarok, in which he concluded Jarok was a patriot of the highest order. One of the sources Pran had used was an officially sanctioned biography of Jarok, which had been published earlier, and smuggled to the Federation. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

In the mid-2360s, Jarok began to argue against a new war with the Federation, believing it would destroy the Empire. His protests led to his reassignment to a command post in a distant sector. The Romulan High Command then decided to test his loyalty, sending him falsified data concerning a secret base on Nelvana III in the Romulan Neutral Zone, from which an invasion of Federation space would be launched.

Jarok crossed the Neutral Zone with this misinformation in a stolen scout ship, and encountered the USS Enterprise-D. At first identifying himself as Sublieutenant Setal, he informed Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the planned offensive. Jarok ultimately had to reveal his true identity to convince Picard to investigate Nelvana III. There, the Romulan deception was revealed, and the Enterprise escaped with the help of a cloaked Klingon squadron.

Jarok, realizing his sacrifice had been for naught, committed suicide by ingesting a Felodesine chip, though not before composing a letter for his family. (TNG episode: "The Defector")

Jarok's letter finally reached his family in late 2374, when Captain Jean-Luc Picard traveled to Romulus in person and visited the family home. (TNG short story: "Suicide Note")

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