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Alien Domain is a video game played via web browser. The game allows players to perform resource managing while exploring Fluidic space and defending against Species 8472 attacks.

The game begins occurs in the late 24th century at some point after the USS Voyager returns to the Alpha Quadrant.

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DukothGaberin FoxMarcus ReddSartokElton SmithJenny SnowTalmok


Federation starship classes

Akira classAsteria classAtlas classConstitution classDefiant classGalaxy classGoliath classHeron classIntrepid classPetra classPrometheus classSaber classSovereign classSteamrunner classStellar classZephyr class

Klingon starship classes

B'rel classB'rel Maveq classD5 classD7 classD12 classHo'ejDo classK't'inga classK'vort classMong'aD'Duj classMupwi'Duj classNegh'Var classRaptor classTu'noH'Duj classVor'cha classVor'Qan classVor'Targ class


Energy StationMetal FactoryMetal Storage FacilityCommunication Matrix


Fluidic space

Races and cultures

AnretaarBloenHumanVulcanKlingonSpecies 8472

States and organizations

United Federation of PlanetsKlingon Empire

Technology and weapons

Ranks and titles

CommanderCaptainVice AdmiralAdmiralGeneral


WormholemetalPlanetoidFluidic radiation


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