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Star Trek: Alien Spotlight is a series of Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Next Generation comics published by IDW Publishing. The series has so far taken the form of two miniseries, of six issues each. Each issue of the series is a standalone story focusing on a different alien race, each issue is produced by a different creative team, and furthermore none of the issues are numbered, merely identified by the species in the spotlight.


Alien Spotlight, Volume I

Title The Gorn Vulcans Andorians: The Old Ways Orions Borg Romulans
Writer Scott & David Tipton James Patrick Paul D. Storrie Scott & David Tipton Andrew Steven Harris John Byrne
Artist David Messina Josep Maria Beroy Leonard O'Grady Elena Casagrande Sean Murphy
Published 10 October 2007 7 November 2007 21 November 2007 19 December 2007 23 January 2008 27 February 2008
Cover Gorn cover B.jpg ST AS vulcan-cvrB.jpg AndoriansB.jpg Orions B.jpg Borg B.jpg Romulans coverB.jpg

Alien Spotlight, Volume II

Title Tribbles Klingons: Four Thousand Throats... Romulans Q Cardassians
Writer Stuart Moore Keith R.A. DeCandido Ian Edginton Scott Tipton Arne Schmidt & Andy Schmidt
Artist Mike Hawthorne J.K. Woodward Wagner Reis Elena Casagrande Augustin Padilla
Published 25 March 2009 15 April 2009 20 May 2009 5 August 2009 9 December 2009
Cover A Tribbles A.jpg Alien Spotlight Klingons.jpg Alien Spotlight Romulans (II).jpg ASQ A.jpg AS Cardassians.jpg

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