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The Alioth system is a star system with a primary star and at least 8 planets in the Maelstrom.

In 2378, the sixth planet, Alioth VI, was the crash site where a Kessok Solarformer was found. To search for the device, The Cardassians set up patrols and satellites around the system to find the device. The USS Sovereign was the one to find the device first but the Cardassians sent a huge fleet, led by Legate Matan to destroy them. Later, the Cardassians set up station Litvok Nor to protect the crash site, but that space station was destroyed by USS Sovereign, USS Geronimo, IKV Ho'hegh and IRW Chilvas. The assembled vessels were also able to salvage the device and rescue Lieutenant Commander Data of the USS Enterprise, sent to study the device. (TNG video game: Bridge Commander)

The Federation starship USS Alioth was authorized to be commissioned into Starfleet service, named after this system. (ST reference: Star Fleet Technical Manual)


  • Alioth (primary)
    • Alioth I
    • Alioth II
    • Alioth III
    • Alioth IV
    • Alioth V
    • Alioth VI
    • Alioth VII
    • Alioth VIII



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