Alixus was a female Human who lived in the 24th century. Alixus believed that Humanity had become too dependent on technology and advocated a return to a simpler existence.

Around 2360, Alixus, her son Vinod and several other colonists boarded the Santa Maria bound for Gemulon V, a planet they intended to colonize. En route, the Santa Maria was forced to land on a planet, chosen months earlier by Alixus, in the Orellius system, where Alixus had installed a duonetic field generator which prevented the colonists from using any type of technology. Unable to leave the planet, the inhabitants established a home for themselves. In 2370, Benjamin Sisko and Miles O'Brien discovered the planet, and came into conflict with Alixus over their attempts to escape. Sisko was placed in a small box for punishment, while O'Brien attempted to find the source of the duonetic field. O'Brien was able to do so and Sisko was released, taking Alixus and Vinod into custody. The other colonists chose to stay behind, in the home they had built for themselves. (DS9 episode: "Paradise")

On stardate 47577.9, Jadzia Dax sent a Deep Space 9 science log to Starfleet Command which contained information on Alixus' actions and her duonetic field generator. (ST reference: Science Logs)

In 2373, Sisko told Jean-Luc Picard about Alixus' attempt to destroy the USS Rio Grande by attempting to launch it into the Orellius star. (TNG - Slings and Arrows eBook: Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment)

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