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All That's Left is a 2015 Star Trek: Seekers novel by authors Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore.


Initially charted by Starfleet probes dispatched to sur­vey the Taurus Reach, the planet Cantrel V now plays host to a budding Federation colony, as well as a com­bined civilian/Starfleet exploration team. Ancient ruins of an unknown civilization scattered around the planet have raised the curiosity of archaeologists, anthropolo­gists, historians, and other interested members of the Federation scientific community. Together, they are attempting to shed light on the beings that once called this world home.
After a large, unidentified vessel arrives in orbit and launches a seemingly unprovoked orbital bombardment, the U.S.S. Endeavour responds to the colony's distress call. As they attempt to render assistance and investi­gate the mysterious ship, Captain Atish Khatami and her crew begin to unlock the astonishing secrets the planet has harbored for centuries. Does the survival of a newly-discovered yet endangered alien race pose a threat not only to Cantrel V, but to other inhabited worlds throughout the Taurus Reach and beyond?


The Federation colony on Cantral V is attacked by a mysterious spaceship consisting of five spheres joined together. The USS Aephas manages to disable the ship and the Endeavour answers a distress call. Their first task is to assemble relief teams to locate and treat the wounded in cave-ins near an archeological dig.

Personnel on the search mission begin to go missing. In fact, they have been captured by the Pelopan, the surviving members of the indigenous people who have been hiding underground using cloaking technology. Their society was destroyed by a combination of war with each other and the arrival of the Lrondi, a non-humanoid amorphous lifeform whose society has become dependant on finding humanoid hosts who they can control and influence. After generations living with them, the Pelopan survivors have become accustomed to a form of institutionalised slavery, and the captured Federation personnel are also linked with Lrondi hosts.

Meanwhile, Stano has led a landing party over to the ship, where a group of Lrondi and Pelopan are kept in suspended animation, the attack on the colony having been automated. Revived, they not only want to retrieve their people from the surface but also "collect" the members of the colony and the starship crews as hosts. Many of the landing party are joined with Lrondi but Ensign Tropp is immune as a Denobulan and manages to trick an infected Kliesiewicz into beaming back to the Endeavour along with an uninfected Anissa Cole: Klisiewicz and his Lrondi controller Naqa are soon subdued.

The free personnel on the surface come under attack from the linked Lrondi-Pelopan and their captured hosts, but soon begin to penetrate the cloaking technology and find a way to use their tricorders to disrupt the Lrondi's connection, while the Endeavour and Aephas engage the alien ship. Stano finally wrenches the Lrondi leader Maralom off his host, Ensign Grammell, causing him severe neurological damage which temporarily shocks all the Lrondi into detaching from their hosts.

The Federation colony agree to peacefully co-exist with the Pelopan and some of the Lrondi (with some Pelopan volunteering to continue serving as hosts), while the rest of the Lrondi are left with a twenty year journey back to their home planet.



Aephas personnel[]

Mahmud al-KhaledColleen CookZeturildtra ch'DranMoves-With-Burning-GraceHoskingFolanir PzialSasha RodriguezJanice SanbornMolan lek Xav

Endeavour personnel[]

Holly AmosJoseph BerenatoBraxAnissa ColePhu DangKelor jilan DrevHector EstradaAdam GaulkeAngela GrammellGrayJay HastertMichael HessKayla IacovinoJavokbiAtish KhatamiStephen KlisiewiczAnthony LeoneMarielise McCormackCarlton McMurrayGuillermo MontesJonathan MorrellNeelakantaChristine RideoutSa-GameetKatherine StanoIvan TomkinsTrinh Van SonTroppWadsworthLeandro WeinrichLanier WimmerYataroKerry ZaneZapien
Referenced only 
Zhao Sheng

Lrondi and Pelopan[]



Ethan BarbreeBuntinMorgan LeMonsT'Naal
Referenced only 
Kurt DavisJames GillespieJames T. KirkHeihachiro NoguraDaniel OkagawaAraev zh'RhunRhonda RossGreg Simon

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Aephas (Miranda-class) • USS Endeavour (Constitution-class) • Lrondi shipshuttlecraft
Referenced only 
USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • USS Excalibur (Constitution-class) • USS Exeter (Constitution-class) • USS Farragut (Constitution-class) • USS Huang Zhong (Archer-class) • USS Kongo (Constitution-class) • USS Lovell (Daedalus-class) • USS Masao (Daedalus-class) • USS Perseus (Saladin-class) • USS Sagittarius (Archer-class) • USS Zander (Daedalus-class)

Races and cultures[]

Referenced only 
blastoneuron neural parasitesDolysianGornKlingonRomulanShedaiTholianVornal


Cantrel V (Beta SitePelopan cityTài Shan) • Taurus Reach
Referenced only 
ArcturusArgelius IIAtlantic OceanDenevaDrydockEarthErilonLrondi homeworldMarsPlutoRomulan Neutral ZoneSan Francisco Fleet YardsStarbase 9Starbase 11Starbase 12Vanguard

States and organizations[]

StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only 
Gorn HegemonyKlingon EmpireStarfleet AcademyStarfleet CommandStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet HeadquartersStarfleet MedicalStarfleet Security SchoolTholian Assembly

Science and Technology[]

airlockamino acidanesthesiaantigrav unitartificial gravityastrogatorbone knittercarbohydatescerebral cortexchronometercommunicatorcomputer workstationcutting laserdampening fielddata carddeflector shielddermal regeneratordiagnostic scannerdiet carddilithiumdistress callenvironmental suitepinephrinefatFeinberg receiverfood synthesizergravity bootshazard suithyposprayimpulse engineinertial dampenerlaser drilllinguisticsmendeleviumoptical cableoxygenP-38phaserphoton torpedopower generatorsensorspannerspatial riftneural scannertactical gridTaurus meta-genomethermostattransportertransporter padtreadmilltricordertype-1 phasertype-2 phaservitaminswarp drive

Ranks and titles[]

administratoradmiralarchaeologistarchaeology and anthropology officerassistant chief engineercaptainchief engineerchief medical officerchief petty officercommandercommanding officercommodorecommunications officerdoctorensignfirst officerlieutenantmaster chief petty officermedicnursephysical therapistprofessorscience officersecurity chiefsecurity officer

Other references[]

Battle of VanguardbridgecarrotsEarth-Romulan Wargymnasiumham loafhot bunkingjellyfishjujitsumeatloafnutrient gravyOperation Vanguardpolar bearPrime Directiverationrobesaladsandalssaunashuttlebaysickbayspacewalkstir-fried chickensurgical masksurgical scrubsSuus Mahnaswimming pooltemporary shelterTransporter roomtraytriageUV bedvegetablewaste extractionwater treatment facilityyoga




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