Allasomorphs are lifeforms from Daled IV and its natural satellites. Like chameloids, they were once believed to be the stuff of legends. Allasomorphs have the ability to alter their molecular structure, (see also: Antosian), to become whatever physique situations demand. Bodyguard and chaperone Anya in 2365 was one such member of this species, as was her client, Salia. However Salia, in particular, permanently shifted her shape to that of pure energy (example: Zalkonians), before becoming her world's next dauphin, or princess. (TNG episode: "The Dauphin", TOS episode: "Whom Gods Destroy", The Undiscovered Country, TNG episode: "Transfigurations")

In the mirror universe, these were commonly referred to as Daledians.

By the 2340s, the mirror Daledians were concerned about the activities of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance and wanted to see it destabilized. To this end, Werreth was sent to take the place of Guinan in the Terran Rebellion while Guinan recovered from injuries sustained on Bering's World. (STA - Mirror Universe short story: "The Traitor")

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