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Verjyl Gard tracks down a joined serial killer: Joran Dax.



Mehta BrenJoran DaxDaxVerjyl GardGardForis HajanKovTemzia Nirenn
Referenced only
Yolad Belar • "The Butcher of Balin" • Curzon DaxKirista GardJelim NiectaSilvetT'saln

Starships and vehicles


Devritane MuseumEarthGanses PeninsulaSt'aslaTrill

Races and cultures


States and organizations

Symbiosis InstituteTrill Symbiosis CommissionTenaran Music Academy

Other references

andanteAstian bi-tanlecelloCicadian Suite No. 9Dal's Requiem Triodulcimerlargoli'dswedOuroborospianosh'ukSteinwaysyn laraTellarite hollow bell lineUntitled, To a TruthVulcan lute


Related stories

  • "Allegro Ouroboros in D Minor" is based on Joran's backstory that was first mentioned in "Equilibrium". Another host of the Gard symbiont, Hiziki Gard, features in the Mission Gamma miniseries and in the novel Unity.

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