Allendon system

Diagram of the Allendon system

The Allendon system is a small 3-planet system in the Beta Quadrant that orbits a blue star.

  • Allendon
    • Allendon I
    • Allendon II
    • Allendon III

First surveyed in 2215 by the USS Republic, it was named after 22nd century Mars Prime Minister Mutabe Allendon. It contained the Allendon refueling station that services local freighters and cargo ships, but otherwise the system was considered "pretty empty." (TOS video game: Starfleet Academy: Strategic Command)

The Republic must have been decommissioned by 2196, but the Constitution-class USS Republic couldn't have been launched until much later in the 23rd century, so it is possible a yet-unknown USS Republic surveyed the system, though it seems the Constitution-class was meant to be implied.
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