The Alliance Council was the legislative council of the Alliance in an alternate timeline where Montgomery Scott rescued James T. Kirk before he could be absorbed into the Nexus. The Alliance Council was that timeline's counterpart to the Council of the United Federation of Planets, and appeared to fulfill roughly the same function.

Unlike the Federation Council, member states appeared to have more than one representative; the Cardassians had at least three. The Council did have some rules and traditions that it imposed upon its members.

The races in the Alliance included Vulcans, Romulans, Cardassians, Klingons, Narisians, Tellarites, and Trills. Some races were not entirely content to share power. For example, the Cardassians secretly plotted to undercut the authority of the Alliance leader. Councilman Zarcot stormed out of the Council and resigned his position, going on a campaign to discredit Sarek leveraging his refusal to acknowledge the Nexus as a threat; additionally Cardassian members held clandestine meetings outside of the Council. This was a ploy to draw Sarek away from Alliance Prime in an attempt to assassinate him, a plot which eventually failed in its goals. (Star Trek novel: Engines of Destiny)

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