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Alliances is a mission in Star Trek Online and part of "The Delta Quadrant" episode. It was released with the expansion "Delta Rising". The mission involved one star admiral Tuvok's attempt to recruit members to the Delta Alliance. The mission's reward is a Hierarchy Overlooker science/intelligence bridge officer candidate.


Mission teaser
If you're going to defeat the Vaadwaur, you will need allies. But not every species in the quadrant sees the value of cooperation.
Mission text
Welcome to Star Trek Online!
The data from your mission against the Vaadwaur shows they are a bigger threat than we ever anticipated.
Our forces are stretched thin, <Rank>. The Alpha Quadrant alliance cannot fight a prolonged conflict in the Delta Quadrant.
We must work to form an alliance of species here. Admiral Tuvok and Captain Kim are working on a plan and have requested your assistance.


Tuvok stages a meeting of existing allies and dispatches trusted officers to various people of the Delta Quadrant to recruit new members to the Delta Alliance in the war against the Vaadwaur Supremacy.



Ethan Burgessthe DoctorGaleraHarry KimLovroMathanMenaMeshkN'KedenNeelixNelekNorrickRerrickSessenSeven of NineTuvokKyla VanZylY'Dren

Starships and vehicles

Baxial (Drexia-class) • First Maje of the Kazon-Nistrim (Predator-class) • Hazari escortsKazon raidersKazon Predator-class carriersMathan's battleship (Benthan battleship) • USS Rhode Island (Nova-class Rhode Island-subclass) • USS Voyager (Intrepid-class)


Al'yans (Al'yans IAl'yans II) • BremarkNelesPrybylRussanTurei system (Turei II)

Races and cultures

Benthanliberated BorgHazariHumanKazon (Cardassian-Kazon hybrid) • KlingonOctantiOverlookerRomulanTalaxianTureiVaadwaurVulcan
Referenced only

States and organizations

Alpha Quadrant allianceBenthan GuardDelta AllianceHierarchyKlingon EmpireRomulan RepublicUnited Federation of Planets

Technology and weapons

Ranks and titles

admiral (one star admiral) • ambassador (ambassador to the Delta Quadrant) • captainhigh justicar

Other references




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