Allura was a female humanoid born in the 23rd century. She was involved in a plot to steal biomagnetic recordings of the planet Styra.

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Allura was an entertainer who performed shows with her brother Anzar. She was also technically proficient and a competent pilot.

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In 2267, her apparently crippled flivver shuttle was in distress, prompting a rescue by Spock. Spock seemed enraptured by her, but actually she'd lied about her ship's fuel status and he was monitoring her every move. She stole the biomagnetic recordings of the planet Styra as part of a plot with Anzar. Spock laid a trap for her in an airlock, but she was able to circumvent it and escape. Later, she confessed that she felt coerced to do what her brother asked because he was insane.

After Anzar was captured and Styra recovered, she realized that Spock had never been interested in her. Spock described her as an uncommonly lovely woman, and said that she made it very easy for him to pretend that he loved her. (TOS comic: "The Hijacked Planet")

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