Alonzo Richter was a male Human sociologist born in 2162. He gained fame in the first decade of the 2200s with the publication of the Richter Scale of Culture, a method of comparing diverse alien cultures. He continued to refine this scale in the following decades, as also established the Richter Institute to promote sociological studies and further improve his methods.

Circa 2262, Doctor Richter was asked by Starfleet's First Contact Office to act as a consultant on their study of the culture on Talin IV, given the unusual Richter Scale results being drawn from that world. Richter theorized that the Talin were being visited by another alien race the FCO was not aware of; however, Richter did not share this theory, in hopes that the Talin would discover this other race themselves, and thus remove themselves from Prime Directive protection.

In 2269, Richter appeared before the Federation General Council, in support of the Talin's petition for de facto Federation membership. (TOS novel: Prime Directive)

A Doctor Thelanius Richter discusses the Prime Directive in the FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge and may have been intended to be the originator of the Richter Scale of Culture. As such, the two may be the same person, or related in some way.
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