Alpha Centauri colony is a settlement spanning numerous worlds in the Alpha Centauri star system that support populations of Humans and other Federation races and cultures.

Centauri VII
The Preservers are suspected of bringing Humans from Greece to Centauri VII in the 3rd century BC. These Humans are considered as native to the Alpha Centauri system because their physiology has become evolutionarily altered to suit their new home planet, again possibly due to Preserver intervention. (ST reference: The Worlds of the Federation)
Zefram Cochrane's settlement
Zefram Cochrane made his residence on New Montana (also known as Alpha Centauri B II) in the 2060s when he discovered warp drive. It was Earth's first extrasolar colony. (ST novels: Federation, Academy: Collision Course)
Lewis Colony
Noted as being the first civilian settlement present in Alpha Centauri. (TNG novel: Masks)
The prominent Alpha Centauri settlement was the home of several USS Enterprise crew and their families. At the time of the 2260s bomb disaster, Joanna McCoy was a studying nurse on Centaurus. James T. Kirk owned a plot of land here. (TOS novel: Crisis on Centaurus)
Geoffrey Corin's home
An Alpha Centauri colony that Cadet Corin came from had been established in 2256. (TOS novelization: Starfleet Academy)
Alpha Centauri B evacuation
During an interstellar crisis of unexplained novae, several colonies in the planets orbiting the B star in the system had to be evacuated as the star started expanding unexpectedly. (TOS novel: Time for Yesterday)
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