Alpha Cygni, also known as Deneb, is a star with an associated star system, visible from Earth as the brightest star of the Cygnus constellation, over a thousand light-years from Sol. (ST reference: Star Charts)

Beyond Deneb lies a great galactic mass known as the Cygnus Reach, which was not explored until 2364, by the USS Enterprise. (TNG novel: The Buried Age)

At many points in the vicinity of the Federation, Deneb is one of the brightest bodies visible. Shortly before stardate 7502.9, at 0739 hours, the USS Enterprise observed in line-of-sight when Antares occulted Deneb, meaning the two brightest stars visible to their ship appeared to merge. As it wasn't an exciting mission, most of the Enterprise crew attended a viewing of the spectacle. (TOS novel: World Without End)

It is not to be confused with the Deneb Kaitos system, also known as the Deneb system.

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