Alpha Mensa is a star system (spectral class G5V primary), located in the stars of the constellation Mensa visible from Earth, about 10 parsecs (33 light-years) distant. The system has at least five planets, and is home to Federation settlers. (TOS novel: Spock, Messiah!; ST reference: Star Charts)

The system was described as "Alpha Mensa" in the novel mention, however, the proper genitive name for stars in the Mensa constellation would make it "Alpha Mensae". The system's name was the only description given, other facts about the star here are derived from "real-life" scientific knowledge.


  • Alpha Mensa (primary)
    • Alpha Mensa I
    • Alpha Mensa II
    • Alpha Mensa III
    • Alpha Mensa IV
    • Alpha Mensa V



Stars, systems and objects of the Mensa constellation
Alpha MensaGamma MensaePi MensaeUpsilon Mensae

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