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Alpha Tau IV was a planet, the fourth planet of the Alpha Tau system, located in the Organian Treaty Zone of the galaxy's Alpha or Beta Quadrants. It was the homeworld of a group of transplanted Human clones.

History and specifics[]

Alpha Tau IV appeared a lush green from orbit. The surface supported trees, flowering plants and grass. Many native animals were smaller than mice, but one species was a huge beaked creature. An unidentified element in the soil interfered with sensor scans and prevented transporter use in areas near mountains and thick foliage.

In 1969, the Beta 5 computer transported 250 cloned soldiers bred for warfare from North America to this planet, which it chose based on its outlying location. (TOS - Star Trek: Assignment: Earth comic: "My Name Is Legion", TOS - Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor comic: "Medics", TOS - Crew comic: "Shadows of the Past")

In "My Name Is Legion", Beta 5 told Roberta Lincoln it had sent them to an Earth-like planet in the Vega system.

Circa 2248, the USS Enterprise passed through a distortion field left over by Beta 5's transporter beam, and Number One traced its destination to Alpha Tau IV. The clones were found to have established five settlements within a 100 kilometer radius, each with 50 settlers, evenly dividing their forces. Enterprise Science Officer Dorak Luabba and Ensign Reed were inadvertently killed by traps on the surface, and Baker was shot by an arrow.

Admiral Jorgenson clarified the planet's designation as Alpha Tau IV. Per Starfleet order AG3-721, the Enterprise departed the planet, with study of the clone settlements to be taken over by observer ships dispatched from a nearby starbase. (TOS - Crew comic: "Shadows of the Past")

Circa 2260, the planet was checked on by an Earth ship. Later in the 2260s, Kloor discovered the world, providing high-powered weaponry, tanks and genetic engineering to raise the stakes of the clones' war games.

In 2271, Leonard McCoy's transport Joanna was struck by a missile and destroyed shortly after landing on the planet. Gary Seven and Roberta Lincoln also visited via time travel to investigate Aegis reports of warring on the surface. When confronted by the USS Yorktown, Kloor abandoned the planet, destroying all evidence of Klingon involvement. (TOS - Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor comic: "Medics")

Jon Duncan and Theela joined Doctor Oshiro and other volunteers from Yorktown who remained on the planet to help the clones acclimate. (TOS - Leonard McCoy, Frontier Doctor comic: "Hosts")



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