Alpha-currant nectar was a beverage, said to be priceless.

An Orion trader and a Katangan merchant haggled over the price of alpha-currant nectar at the Maltabra City bazaar on Farius Prime in 2336. (ST - The Lost Era novel: Well of Souls)

In 2369, a Wadi named Falow offered Quark a bottle of the beverage as a wager in a game of dabo. Despite Benjamin Sisko's advice for him to take the bottle, Quark turned the alpha-currant nectar down as he thought it was bitter and told Falow, "One man's priceless is another man's worthless". (DS9 episode: "Move Along Home")

Alpha-currant nectar was also considered to be priceless by the crew of the Even Odds. (DS9 novel: Rising Son)

According to independent trader Win lorin Ren, alpha-currant nectar was one of the fastest selling beverages in the Alpha Quadrant in 2377. (CoE eBook: Troubleshooting)

It is unclear if, or how, the Gamma Quadrant beverage shares any similarity beyond the name to the beverage available earlier in the Alpha Quadrant.

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