Altecla was a large, floating artificial habitat, one of hundreds of biomes making up the Web of Worlds in the First Federation. It was located within the atmosphere of the class J gas giant Cherela.

History and specifics Edit

Altecla was a nature preserve. It was terraformed into a desert with a Vulcan-like climate. A small facility with a domed hangar on the surface led to a Linnik warren constructed underground.

In 2269, Nyota Uhura and Spock were given a tour of Altecla by Chief Protector Nisu Miratuli of the First Federation. A group of Linnik school children were frightened of Spock, as he reminded them of Dassik. Uhura returned to the USS Enterprise while Nisu took Spock on a walk in the desert to provide him with a sense of comfort and home. They discussed what she learned of her telepathic probe of him, exposing his sense of rootlessness that came about after T'Pring broke their betrothal, which he implicitly tried to replace through relationships with various women, including Zarabeth, Droxine and Liviana Charvanek. Through the example of Altecla, Nisu suggested the possibility that she and Spock might have a future together on Cherela. (TOS novel: The Face of the Unknown)




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