Altek Dans was a Bajoran man and a doctor from a Bajor in an alternate universe. Altek was born in Revek and grew up in Davenesh.


Altek lived in the Aleira city of Joradell but opposed the subjugation of the Bajora there. To that end, Altek assisted Keev Anora in getting Resten Ahleen out of Joradell to the Bajora city of Shavalla. Several months later, Altek helped Keev to get the Orb of Destiny to Denoray Lunas. Altek and Keev started a romantic relationship during that mission.

In the seventeenth Year of the Petalune, the Prophets sent Altek to our universe. (ST - The Fall novel: Revelation and Dust, DS9 novel: Sacraments of Fire)


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