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For information on alternate realities within the Star Trek universe, see the articles parallel universe and alternate timeline.

Several unopened packs of Alternate Universe.

Alternate Universe is a Star Trek Customizable Card Game expansion released by Decipher in November 1995. New concepts introduced a new card type (Doorway cards), as well as cards with an Alternate Universe icon, that denoted their origins in a parallel universe. The set had 122 cards, including an ultra-rare card, the Future Enterprise.




cryosatellite: An ancient sublight vessel. Designed to carry and store cryogenically frozen humanoids until a cure for their death could be found and used to regenerate them. (rare) (Image from TNG episode: "The Neutral Zone")
Data's head


Data's head: An excavation under the Earth city of San Francisco in 2369 discovered that the head of Lt. Commander Data had been lying there undisturbed for centuries. (rare)
  • Iconian Gateway R
  • Ophidian Cane R
  • Receptacle Stones R
  • Ressikan Flute R
  • Samuel Clemens' Pocketwatch R


  • Alien Labyrinth C
  • Cardassian Trap U
  • Coalescent Organism R
  • Conundrum C
  • Edo Probe U
  • Empathic Echo C
  • Ferengi Attack C
  • Frame of Mind U
  • Hidden Entrance C
  • Hunter Gangs C
  • Interphasic Plasma Creatures C
  • Malfunctioning Door C
  • Maman Picard U
  • Outpost Raid C
  • Parallel Romance U
  • Punishment Zone C
  • Quantum Singularity Lifeforms U
  • Rascals U
Royale Casino: Blackjack


blackjack: Lt. Commander Data played blackjack while trapped in the surreal casino of the Hotel Royale. Tex said, "Boy, you have got the brass..." Data said, "Hit me." Play one game of blackjack, using CUNNING numbers. Players must show entire hand. Closest to 21 without going over wins points. Others lose points. Ties=0 points. (uncommon) (Image from TNG episode: "The Royale")
  • The Gatherers C
  • The Higher... The Fewer U
  • Thought Fire C
  • Worshiper C
  • Zaldan U


  • Alternate Universe Door C
  • Devidian Door R


  • Echo Papa 607 Killer Drone R
  • I.P. Scanner C


  • Baryon Buildup C
  • Captain's Log U
  • Engage Shuttle Operations U
  • Interrogation R
  • Intruder Force Field U
  • Klim Dokachin U
  • Lower Decks U
  • Mot's Advice U
  • Particle Scattering Field C
  • Revolving Door R
  • Rishon Uxbridge C
  • The Charybdis U
  • The Mask of Korgano C
  • Thermal Deflectors U
  • Wartime Conditions R
  • Yellow Alert C


  • Neutral Outpost C


  • Anti-Matter Spread C
  • Barclay Transporter Phobia U
  • Brain Drain U
  • Countermanda C
  • Dead in Bed U
  • Destroy Radioactive Garbage Scow C
  • Devidian Foragers C
  • Eyes in the Dark C
  • Fire Sculptor C
  • Hail C
  • Howard Heirloom Candle C
  • Humuhumunukunukuapua'a C
  • Incoming Message: Attack Authorization U
  • Isabella U
  • Jamaharon C
  • Kevin Uxbridge: Convergence C
  • La Forge Maneuver U
  • Latinum Payoff C
  • Phaser Burns C
  • Rescue Captives U
  • Romulan Ambush U
  • Security Sacrifice C
  • Seize Wesley R
  • Senior Staff Meeting U
  • Temporal Narcosis U
  • Thine Own Self C
  • Vorgon Raiders R
  • Vulcan Nerve Pinch C
  • Wolf U


  • Brute Force R
  • Compromised Mission R
  • Diplomatic Conference R
  • FGC-47 Research R
  • Fissure Research R
  • Qualor II Rendezvous U
  • Quash Conspiracy R
  • Reunion R
  • Risa Shore Leave R
  • Warped Space R







Federation ships[]

Future Enterprise


USS Enterprise-D: Galaxy-class. Commanded by Admiral Riker in an alternate future. USS Enterprise-D was fitted with a third warp engine nacelle, greatly enhancing its speed and power. (ultra rare) (Image from TNG episode: "All Good Things...")
USS Enterprise-C


USS Enterprise-C: Ambassador-class. Predecessor of USS Enterprise-D. Famous for heroic action in Battle of Narendra III, where it also entered a temporal rift. Commanded by Rachel Garrett. (rare) (Image from TNG episode: "Yesterday's Enterprise")

Klingon ships[]

IKC Fek'lhr


IKC Fek'lhr: Voodieh-class. Destroyed USS Pasteur in an alternate future, only to be thwarted by the future USS Enterprise. Named for the ferocious guardian of Gre'thor. (rare) (Image from TNG episode: "All Good Things...")
IKC K'Ratak


IKC K'Ratak: K'vort-class. Bird-of-prey named in honor of the author of the classic work of Klingon literature, The Dream of the Fire. (common)

Romulan ships[]



IRW Decius: D'deridex-class. Powerful ship created in Barash's illusion. Commanded by Tomalak. Transported Admiral Picard and Deanna Troi to a Romulan peace conference. (rare)

Nonaligned ships[]

Edo vessel


Edo God vessel: Unknown class. A ship discovered in 2364 by the USS Enterprise to be protecting the peaceful society on Rubicun III. It was described as "half in, half out of our universe." (rare) (Image from TNG episode: "Justice")


Gomtuu: Living ship. Lifeform that normally exists in symbiotic empathic connection with its crew. Gomtuu's crew died prior to its discovery in 2366. Commanded by Tam Elbrun. (rare) (Image from TNG episode: "Darmok")


Tama: Darmok-class. "Children of Tama. Vorath's sword raised high. Dathon, speaking first. Tama and Enterprise at El-Adrel. Tama's tears, shivering in the wind." (uncommon) (Image from TNG episode: "Darmok")