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In an alternate reality, a version of history existed where the galaxy was populated by powerful races and cultures. This separate universe had organizations that included the Green Lantern Corps and the Legion of Super-Heroes. (TOS - The Spectrum War comic: "Issue 1")

The DC continuity encompasses many parallel versions in and of itself, a multiverse, owing to the long publishing history of DC Comics. It is interesting to note that, while The Spectrum War includes the Green Lantern from The New 52, a modern version of all the characters, the Star Trek—Legion of Super-Heroes series depicts the Legion from before the Crisis on Infinite Earths. That series specifically shows the Legion from the 1980s, before their history was revised and the series restarted a number of times.
Also, in light of events shown in The Spectrum War, it seems unlikely that the Legion of Super-Heroes came from the exact alternate universe that the Lanterns escaped from.

Notable events[]

Spectrum war[]

An Oan, Ganthet, became transported to an alternate reality, specifically the Kelvin timeline created by Nero's time travel. Ganthet's transfer between universes was caused by the last light, a poweer he initiated as a last resort when his universe was destroyed by Nekron. (TOS - The Spectrum War comic: "Issue 1")

Legion of Super-Heroes[]

When Q found himself trapped in this universe by Vandar, he reached out to the reality of the Federation and caused a crossover, bringing James T. Kirk and a Starfleet landing party and the Legion of Super-Heroes to a distorted reality where Q's power had changed history. The two teams observed that the two realities had been crossed, resembling a version of the mirror universe that merged the history of their two alternate realities. It was revealed the two realities were parallel universes, sharing from their early history an immortal, named Flint in one reality and Vandar in the other. (TOS - Star Trek—Legion of Super-Heroes comic: "Issue 5")

Races and cultures[]