Amat'igan was a Jem'Hadar in the service of the Dominion with the rank of third, serving as bodyguard to the Female Changeling, something he regarded as an honor (as the Jem'Hadar were programmed to believe the Founders were gods) and carried out all the orders of the Founders as they were "word of god". In 2372, Amat'igan commanded seven Jem'Hadar attack ships with the Female Changeling in tow and was part of a plan to force Odo to return to the Great Link. When the USS Defiant arrived in the Gamma Quadrant, Amat'igan and his ships pounced on them, and he, three of his men, and the Female Changeling herself boarded the Defiant's bridge, and briefly fought the command crew before the changeling commanded he stand down. After a temporary peace was declared, Amat'igan, for security purposes, guided the Defiant to the new Founder's homeworld and used a device to keep the computer from remembering the route taken. After Odo was judged, Amat'igan then guided the ship back to the wormhole and returned to his Dominion escort ships. (DS9 episode: "Broken Link", CCG: The Dominion)

Amat'igan's CCG card from Decipher refers to him having the rank of "third" but his Memory Alpha article calls him a "first".

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