Amehda Mozinphar was a male Orion who lived in the mid-23rd century and a member of the Mozinphar family.

Amehda was the son of Emerak Mozinphar, who was Master of Ectair and a key mediator in the Treaty of Ectair. When Emerak died some time before stardate 2/23, Amehda succeeded his father as Master. However, he lacked his father's leadership and skills, and soon proved to be incompetent, selfish and unscrupulous, easily dominated by Ectair's business leaders and more concerned with luxury and the trappings of power. However, he ruled the world as a tyrant with absolute authority.

When a Doomsday machine threatened his world on stardate 2/2306, Amehda was obstructive to the efforts of the USS Fife and focused on guaranteeing his own escape. (FASA RPG module: A Doomsday Like Any Other)

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