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Ammonia (NH3) is a chemical compound, a toxic gas comprised of the element nitrogen and three molecules of hydrogen.

Specifics and history[]

The metal used to construct the city builders of Zarta broke down when exposed to an ammonia (NH2) solution. In 2266, Spock discovered this flaw while analyzing the metal. The USS Enterprise supplied the chemical to the Zarta natives, who used it to destroy the city builders. (TOS comic: "Invasion of the City Builders")

In the year 2365, the Federation starship USS Enterprise-D performed sensor scans of planet Theta 116 VIII and found weather activity in the atmosphere described as ammonia tornadoes. (TNG episode: "The Royale")

The atmosphere of Marijne VII leaked into the hull of the damaged USS Raman in 2370. Upon finding the Raman trapped in the atmosphere, the Enterprise-D used an interface probe controlled by Geordi La Forge to detect ammonia and methane in a ship's corridor. (TNG episode: "Interface")



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