The Ammunii were a warp-capable species originating from somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy.


The Ammunii were half the size of Humans, and were quadrupedal. They had tentacles and delicate mouths, which they were able to utilize both in tasks such as manipulating their ships. They also were able to have children. (VOY - Gateways novel: No Man's Land)


In 2376, the Iconian Gateways Crisis causes several ships from across the galaxy to be transported to the Delta Quadrant near No Man's Land. The Ammunii joined a caravan of ships led by USS Voyager. During their visit to Voyager, they gave a beautiful sphere that was mined on their planet to Captain Janeway. The Ammunii then entered a Iconian gateway. In the span that it was gone for half a minute, it drastically aged two or three centuries, leaving all life on the ship lost after the vessel exited the portal. (VOY - Gateways novel: No Man's Land)


Humor and an immense acceptance and love of all other living beings were qualities that were prized among the Ammunii. (VOY - Gateways novel: No Man's Land)

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