Amy McKenna was a female Human who was a Starfleet cadet attached to Red Squad.


Around 2256, McKenna oversaw cadet Hikaru Sulu's training to be accepted into Red Squad. During a run in San Francisco's Muir Woods, she tripped cadet Pavel Chekov to get him out of her way. McKenna then told Sulu to buzz the crowd with his shuttle during her Federation Day speech to accept an Admiral's award. Just as she was about to give her speech, Cadet David Reed's shuttle malfunctioned. As a column was falling down towards her, McKenna was then saved by Cadet Chekov. Two weeks later, McKenna then welcomed Sulu into Red Squad. However Sulu turned her down, infuriating McKenna. She told Sulu that no one says no to Red Squad and that if he ever wanted the captain's chair, he'll need them.

When a distress call from Vulcan came in 2258, McKenna and her brother, Kyle were unable to report to their posts due to a case of lungworms. (TOS comic: "Red Level Down")

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