Anan Seven was a male Eminian individual living in the 23rd century. In 2267, Anan 7 was the head of the Eminiar High Council. (TOS episode & novelization: A Taste of Armageddon)

Around stardate 8495, Anan 7 was called to testify before a special session of the Federation Council regarding the aftereffects of Kirk's interference with Eminiar VII's civilization. Anan described the era of peace inspired by Kirk's actions, but then related that war had broken out again years later, resulting in the destruction of his opponent planet, Vendikar. While Anan 7 reported that he blamed Kirk's actions for the holocaust, a cross-examination by Samuel Cogley made Anan 7 admit that, as Eminiar's leader, he was responsible for his own actions in ordering the destruction of Vendikar, for self-defense. Cogley's point was that Kirk had also fought Anan 7 in self-defense to preserve the lives of the Enterprise's crew, whom Anan's computer had ordered to be killed.

Kathy Li watched Anan 7's testimony on the USS Enterprise-A viewscreen. She commented to Watch Officer Hikaru Sulu that she recalled reading about Anan 7 in ship's records, but he corrected her when she described Gary Seven instead of Anan 7. Li theorized that the two might be related. (TOS - The Trial of James T. Kirk comic: "... Let's Kill All the Lawyers!")

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