Ensign Anastasia Targus was a Human female serving in Starfleet in the 24th century.

Anastasia Targus was born in 2331 and was a graduate of Starfleet Academy, class of 2351. Targus advanced to the rank of lieutenant sometime prior to 2365. Targus was one of several Federation citizens captured by Cardassians during a raid on a Federation outpost in 2365. Targus and the other hostages were held on a Cardassian vessel where they were tortured by the Obsidian Order.

In a skirmish near Tanaka in 2365, Targus was rescued by Lieutenant Coris Sprint. Unfortunately, her torture left her addicted to auto-neural stimulation. She was later demoted to Ensign and discharged per Section Alpha 8 for mental instability. During her discharge, she was treated by Doctor Bennington Biraka, who devised a treatment using a Starfleet medical implant. This implant, wired directly into her brain, provided a constant stream of "white-noise" that counteracted her desire for auto-neural stimulation. After a year and a half on medical leave, Targus was reinstated largely due to the petitions filed by Lieutenants Sprint and Furlong.

Afterwards, Targus served aboard the USS Righteous. During the hours before the Battle of Wolf 359 in early 2367, Ensign Targus was instrumental in obtaining critical information from a Borg Designation Circuit which subjected her to a form of auto-neural stimulation. This act caused her a great deal of pain while helping to save the ship. The Righteous disappeared during the battle and was presumed destroyed until it reappeared in 2377. (Star Trek video game: Borg)

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