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Captain Anderson was a Human woman in service to Starfleet as an officer in the late 23rd century. Captain Anderson was assigned as commanding officer of the Federation starship USS Lafayette in the year 2287.

In that year, Anderson's ship was on escort duty along a trade route near the Needra system. While traveling just outside of the system boundary, near the local mining colony, the Lafayette was set upon by a number of large vessels, appearing out of nowhere, as if cloaked. The Lafayette seemed doomed, taking heavy casualties and serious weapons damage, but Anderson and her ship were saved when the Klingon Empire ship IKS qul HoH decloaked and returned fire against the attackers, who were later revealed to be Tyrions representing the Tyrion Legion. The larger ships were outmatched, and escaped at high-warp speeds. Anderson thanked the Klingons for saving her vessel before issuing a distress call to Starfleet Command.

Following the incident, Lafayette was relieved by the USS Enterprise-A in the protection of Needra, with 42 of Anderson's crew of one-hundred dead. Anderson briefed Captains Kirk and Spock of the system's need for protection, and thanked the Enterprise medical department for their help in treating the wounded, before leaving the system with the damaged Lafayette. (TOS comic: "Partners?")

For some reason, Captain Anderson wears a fleet captain's rank insignia on her uniform. While it is plausible that she could have held a fleet captain billet, the fact that she commanded a small vessel would seem incongruous. Additionally, in the same two-part comic series, both Kirk and Spock are erroneously depicted with this insignia, making it seem like a mistake, with the artist(s) being unfamiliar with the differences between the captain and fleet captain rank insignia on Starfleet uniforms. See also Federation Starfleet ranks (2270s-2350s) and Starfleet uniform (2278-2350s).
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