Andor, also known as Andoria, is the homeworld of the Andorian people and capital world of the Andorian Empire, one of the founding Member States of the United Federation of Planets. Andoria is a moon circling a gas giant located in the Beta Quadrant. The name of the moon in the Andorian language is Fesoan, and the capital city of the moon is Laikan. (Worlds of Deep Space Nine: "Andor: Paradigm")

In a paradigm similar to that of Earth/Terra, Andor is commonly known throughout the Federation as Andoria, while its native inhabitants tend to refer to it as Andor. In the 22nd Century, it was often refered to as Andoria by Andorian officials, however. [citation needed]

Andoria had a population of just under 1 billion in 2269. ("The Andorians: Among the Clans")


Over the years, several possible locations of the moon have come up.


Andor system

Surface and system of Andoria (Alternate[3])

Snowy andor

The Snowy planes of Andor


Emblem of the Andorian Empire


Andoria's surface is 35.1% landmass, divided into four continents: Issa, Ka'Thela, Tlanek and Voral. Although since Issa and Tlanek are nearly completely glacially covered, most Andorians live on Ka'Thela and Voral. These two continents are connected my a small mountainous ribbon of land known as Akalath, which houses the Tharan Mountains. ("The Andorians: Among the Clans")

An contradicting source states that there are two continents on Andor: [citation needed]


Cities and Settlements

Points of Interest

Bodies of Water

Other landmarks

Natural History




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