The Andorian Corps of Enforcers were an organization that existed within the Andorian government.

They were a secret military unit that was controlled by the Epsilon Indi Council of Clans. The Corps contained a small number of elite Andorian agents that were specially trained to protect the interests of the Andorian government. Whilst officially the Corps was said to have been disbanded upon the formation of Starfleet Intelligence Command, it was reinstated a short time later. This was because Andorian military leaders were not satisfied with Starfleet and its failure in adequately protecting Andorian interests.

There were less then 100 enforcers in the Corps and most members of Starfleet Intelligence served their entire term without ever meeting one of these blue skinned agents. Their sense of duty was unusually strict even by Andorian standards. It was believed that that they in fact resembled Terra's Oriental Ninjas though their operational goals were more in line with the ancient assassin guilds on Earth. As such, enforcers of the Corps never took prisoners nor allowed themselves to be taken alive. They often qualified as being terminators by Starfleet Intelligence and tended to operate alone on from Andor where they were dispatched when needed. (FASA RPG module: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual)

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