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The Andorian system

Andor system

Alternate surface and system details

The Andorian system (or Kay'va system) is a star system in the Andor Sector, inhabited by the Andorians. It has 7 planets and one primary, Kuy'va.

Of the planets, only the fifth (Andoria) has native life, though Andorians have bases on other planets. Notable artificial objects in the system include: the shipyards near Brok'va, and the Andoria VII Observatory.

The Andoria system is about 274.4 lightyears away from the Sol system. (The Andorians: Among the Clans)

Andoria VIII

The Andorian system is shown to be slightly different in "The Worlds of the Federation, where it is listed as the "Andor system." There, Andoria is listed as being the eighth planet in the 9 planet system.

Andoria the Moon

In the Star Trek: Enterprise, Andoria is a frozen moon of the gas giant Andor. This also differs from several previous continuities.

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