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Andrea Milton was a Human woman, an exobiology student in the 2260s.

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In 2261 as a fourth-year student, Milton joined the expedition of Doctor Roger Korby at the Beta Carnis colony. During a planetary survey of Exo III, their vessel crashed on the surface, and she was killed along with Aaron Brown. (TOS - New Visions comic: "The Survival Equation")

Prior to 2266, Korby learned from the indigenous android Ruk about the Old Ones and their android-producing mechanisms. With that technology, Korby created an android duplicate of Brown and one based on Milton who was referred to as Andrea.

In 2266, Korby attempted to entice Captain James T. Kirk to ally with him in a conspiracy. He demonstrated how androids could be programmed by issuing commands to the Milton duplicate. Korby also created a replica of Kirk, but Andrea destroyed it. (TOS episode & Star Trek 11 novelization: What Are Little Girls Made Of?)

Milton's height and weight are those of Sherry Jackson, the actor who portrayed Andrea.



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