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Andrea Wolfe was a Human woman serving in an enlisted capacity as a Starfleet NCO in the 23rd century. By 2269, Petty Officer First Class Wolfe was assigned as transporter chief on the Larson-class USS Hastings. The Hastings was assigned to a difficult patrol, along the border of Gorn Alliance space, an assignment worthy of a larger vessel. One of the main reasons a Larson-class vessel was chosen was because of a treaty prohibiting military vessels larger than 100,000 metric tons near the unstable border of Gorn space.

According to Wolfe's 2260s personnel file, she possessed noted proficiency in sensor operation, transporter operation and procedure, and service of tranporter technology. In 2269, Wolfe and the Hastings crew were assigned to ferry representatives from the Gorn Alliance to Maltharin II in an attempt to end a dangerous situation, to halt attacks on the Federation by renegade Gorn, who were later encountered by the Hastings. (FASA RPG module: Demand of Honor)

The exact outcome of the mission is not certain, as it was in the hands of the RPG player whether or not the situation could be satisfactorily resolved.



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The time period of the RPG adventure is placed at two years following the Cestus III incident shown in TOS episode: "Arena", established as being in 2267 by most sources.