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Andreans were a highly intelligent, non-humanoid species native to the planet Andrea IV who were evolving into a non-corporeal species.

History and specifics

During their process of metamorphosis, an Andrean experiences rapid changes to its internal organs. In the final stage, it becomes a glowing mass of energy able to perceive all moments of time simultaneously, in a manner similar to the Prophets.

In 22,000 BCE, evolving Andreans first realized that a deadly cloud of Vega radiation would threaten their planet, but that a landing party from the Federation starship USS Enterprise would rescue them. To prepare for that eventuality, they had a complex planetary defense system built deep within the planet, powered by a large number of massive solar energy collectors. To make sure their descendants would remember the future event, the entrance to the underground facility was adorned with stone statues of James T. Kirk, Spock and Leonard McCoy.

In the ensuing millennia, a majority of the Andreans transitioned to a non-corporeal existence. By the 2270s, the remaining 200 corporeal Andreans resided in a single village, living with limited technology and just a single hovercraft.

In 2273, Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Todd and Zorn made first contact with the Andreans, who resisted any attempts at evacuating their home because they knew it would be unnecessary. After mind melding with an evolving Andrean, Spock learned how to activate the defense system and safely dispersed the radiation cloud. (TOS comic: "Tomorrow or Yesterday")