Andrei Dimitrievich Chekov (also known as Aleksei Mikhailovich Chekov) was a Human who lived in the early 23rd century. He was married to a wife, Larisa, and had one child, Pavel Chekov, who was born in the year 2245. (ST video game: Starship Creator)

While the canon version of Andrei Chekov has never appeared onscreen, his existence is proven by his son's full name: 'Pavel Andreivich Chekov' (which has been spoken onscreen in TOS episode: "The Way to Eden"). Under Russian patronymic naming rules, Pavel's father must therefore be named Andrei.
Star Trek II Biographies calls him Aleksei Chekov, perhaps because the author was unaware that Andreievich was a patronymic.

During a nightmare induced by Illusionists in 2273, Pavel Chekov dreamed that his father was trapped in a burning house. (TOS comic: "Chekov's Choice")

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