Aneel was a member of the Kreel survey team which discovered a cache of advanced Cognoscenti weapons on DQN 1196 in the year 2365. He later became a delegate sent to negotiate with the Klingon Empire regarding the weapons.


Although apparently willing to attend the negotiations on the Federation starship USS Enterprise, Aneel swiftly revealed his true colors when he tricked the dying civilian passenger Jaan Devin into assisting him in gaining access to the ship's armory in exchange for an alleged cure for Jaan's current illness, his crew subsequently stealing various phasers for later use in a fight with the Klingons. In the course of this, he killed Jaan as "payment", mockingly reflecting that he wasn't lying about his cure for Jaan's disease as "death cures all". However, his attempt to take over the Enterprise was quickly undone, with his mutiny ending when his body was partly thrown into an active transporter beam while he fought with Worf, resulting in his head and shoulders being sent down to the planet below while the rest of him remained on the Enterprise. (TNG novel: Strike Zone)

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