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Angosia III was a planet, a class M world and the third planet in the Angosia star system, located in the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant. Angosia III had at least eight moons, including Lunar V and Lunar VIII. (ST video game: Fleet Command)

Angosia III was the homeworld of the Angosian species. Its government was the Angosian Senate. (TNG episode: "The Hunted")

History and specifics

The Angosian Senate.

The homeworld of the Angosian civilization, Angosia III emerged victorious from war with the Tarsians by relying on biochemically re-engineered super-soldiers. (DS9 - Strange New Worlds 9 short story: "Orphans")

By the 2360s decade, the Angosian leadership had failed to successfully reintegrate the veteran soldiers into civil society. They were remanded to Lunar V, which became a prison colony. By 2366, Angosian police shuttles serviced Lunar V and Nayrok served as the Angosian prime minister.

In that year the Angosians' bid to join the Federation was jeopardized after Captain Jean-Luc Picard discovered that the native authorities had imprisoned its bio-altered veterans on Lunar V once the Tarsian War was over. Roga Danar escaped from the maximum security prison colony on the fifth moon, which led Picard and his crew to discover the truth. (TNG episode: "The Hunted")

In 2371, the Angosian system and Angosia III were displayed on a star chart during the EnterpriseD's investigation into Doctor Tolian Soran's activities. (TNG movie: Generations)

By 2378, the Angosian dispute had been resolved and Angosia III was had become a Federation member world. (ST reference: Star Charts)

Kelvin timeline

In the Kelvin timeline, the Angosian system was situated inside Federation territory and Angosia III was a Federation world by the year 2263. The area was under constant patrol from Starfleet due to frequent conflicts in the 2260s. (ST video game: Fleet Command)


Known inhabitants



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